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On Wednesday, December 5th, the Elympics will be held for alternative programs from throughout the state of Minnesota. We will do two sessions of two hours each with a 45 minute break in the middle. Sessions will run from 9:15 AM to 11:15 AM and 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.


About Elympics

The competition will be held using the Schoology website. Teams will be given the site address and a password with which to log in. The format is as follows: 3 questions are immediately posted at the start time with one additional question posted every five minutes. Teams have up to 30 minutes from the time each question is posted to submit an answer for that question. At the 90 minute mark, the sessions 3 final questions are posted and the teams have up to 30 more minutes to complete their submissions. Both sessions will follow the same format.

One hundred (100) points are awarded per question. Those points are evenly divided among the teams submitting a correct response within the 30 minutes (no bonus for quickness of answer, only correctness matters).

A team is composed of whatever a school decides. Your entire program could be one team, you may select a few students to represent your school, or some schools enter many teams to make a great intra-school competition in the midst of the larger event.

Students may use any resource other than the program’s staff. The role of the staff is to help organize and problem solve before the event begins and to be cheerleaders as the E-lympics occurs. Of course, staff may help with any tech issues that may arise.

The cost is $10 for a school's first team and $5.00 for each additional team.

Information and Registration

Here are documents with information about the event, and a pdf for a registration form.

Event Information

Registration Form


Here are the results of the December 2017 competition:

2017 December Elympics Competition Results

Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions that have been used in the past

1. Put the following major league baseball groups (nicknames) in chronological order:

  • Big Red Machine
  • Murderer’s Row
  • Gas House Gang
  • Tinker to Evans to Chance
  • Da Bumbs
  • Whiz Kids
  • Miracle Mets
  • Nasty Boys
  • Killer Bee’s

2. According to Goggle Maps,on what interstate highway would you travel the greatest distance if you made a trip from Big Sur to Palo Duro State Park?

3. Match the group name to its animal:

gaggle, murder, covey, herd, school cede, flock, pod, business, horde

- deer, badger, ferret, crow, camel, dolphin,quail. geese, deer, hampster

4. If you lived in North Mankato, what is the first name of your Minnesota State Senator’s spouse?

5. How did Jimmy Buffet injure himself in Margaritaville? Where did that object come from?

6. What words do these sets of letters stand for?
- AM as in 7:00AM
- USB (the computer plug in or slot)