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Alchemists imagined a world, which was governed by constant progress toward perfection. They believed that baser metals could be transformed into gold – the most perfect metal. Some even believed that it was possible to develop a substance even more perfect than gold, a substance which would cure the sick and enhance life. While alchemy was not science, at least not as we know it, the work of alchemists laid the foundation for modern chemistry. Alchemists were lead by a desire to understand their world (and to become very wealthy) and they constructed their understanding through experiment and observation. The students who contributed their work to The Alchemist were recording their own journey towards understanding, were communicating what they have learned through experiment and observation. May the sharing of their ideas be transformational for those that created them and for those that read.

About The Alchemist

The Alchemist is an art and literary magazine that is published and sponsored by MAAP. The publication is the result of hard work and passion by its Editors, volunteer students and adults who select submissions for publication, and the students who produce the wonderful stories, poetry, and art that fill its pages.

Alchemist Submissions

Here are the guidelines for submitting artwork and writings for 2018-19:

Alchemist Submission Guidelines

Please us the folllowing email address for submissions:


Submissions are due April 24, 2019