Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs


MAAP History of Awards and Conventions


MAAP Exemplary Award

The MAAP Exemplary Award is a very prestigious award. The criteria are as follows:
  • The recipient must have demonstrated outstanding dedication, service and or commitment to alternative education.
  • The recipient must have made a significant contribution to their students, their program, MAAP and / or their communities.
  • The recipient can not be a current executive committee member.

Past recipients are:
  • 1998
    Wayne Jennings
    Bob Jibben
    Gene Johnson

  • 1999
    Steve Allen
    Roger Klimpel

  • 2000
    Arlo Renschler
    Governor Rudy Perpich (posthumously)
    Lydell Taylor

  • 2001
    Dan Daly
    Patti Haasch
    Peggy Hunter

  • 2002
    Wally Campbell
    State Senator Jim Pehler

  • 2003
    David Bly
    Senator Paul Wellstone (posthumously)

  • 2004
    Don Glines

  • 2008
    Mike Luger
    John Sedey

  • 2009
    Joan Sorenson
    Bob Wiltsey

  • 2010
    Mary K. Boyd

  • 2011
    Bob Wedl

  • 2012
    Julie Johnson-Willborg
    Lorin Ellertson

  • 2013
    Julia Juliek
    Bill Zimniewicz

  • 2014
    June Long
    Dee Thomas

  • 2015
    Kip Sackett
    Scott Neiman

  • 2016
    Sue Boehland
    Katie Mohabir

  • 2017
    Dave Hagman
    Ted Kolderier

  • 2018
    Lea Dahl

MAAP Conferences Through the Years...

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