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MAAP STARS Legislative Day

The goal of the MAAP STARS Legislative Day is for the students to visit their legislators and “tell their stories”. By students meeting with their legislators, they will help promote their schools and programs and give the students a better understanding of the legislative process. Each year the Legislative Day is sometime in February or March. The 2019 date will be February 27th, due to the snowstorm on the 20th. We had around 20 schools attend last year..



As we said above, the goal is for your students to meet and discuss their needs with their legislator. Since you serve students from various locations, you will want to make finding out which representatives to contact into a lesson for your students. You can simply have the students do a web search "How to locate your Minnesota Legislators". The web address is: www.leg.state.mn.us.

At this site, your students will find all sorts of information about their Legislative and Congressional Members. There is a link "About the Legislature" with a lead to "Who Represents Me?" Students can type in their home address and it sends them directly to the names of the people they'll want to contact to set up appointments for the date the Legislative Day is scheduled. From this site, you can also get the representatives' phone number, email or direct mailing addresses.

If you prefer to call, the General Information phone number for the Capitol is: 651-296-8336. The House phone is: 651-296-2146. The Senate members can be reached by calling 651-296-0504.

Legislative Day Agenda and Sign-up Form

Here is the form with the agenda for this year's MAAP STARS Legislative Day with the necessary sign up form. Contact Patti Haasch at pjhaasch@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

2019 MAAP STARS Legislative Day Flyer

What MAAP STARS Legislative Day Means to Me

Here is a testimonial from three students about what MAAP STARS Legislative Day meant to them.

Typical Agenda for the Day

The date for the 2019 Legislative Day will be February 27, 2019. We will initially meet in the House Office Building in Room 500 South. (Watch for updates. This room will probably change.) Below is a typical agenda for the day.

  • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
    Individual appointments, and capitol tours (on your own)
  • 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    Welcome, introductions of STARS Officers and Special Guests
  • 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
    (Repeat session above for late arrivals or for schools that have early appointments)
  • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    Individual appointments, capitol tours and lunch (on your own)
Plan on a full day! This will be an excellent opportunity to do some public relations for your schools and programs. Bring a camera to get pictures for your school district and/or local paper. Make sure that you follow-up when you get back home with “thank you” letters to your Senators and Representatives. I would also encourage you to have your students write brief summary articles that we can submit to the MAAP newsletter.

Sample Letter

Here is this year's sample letter that you can use to think about what you may want to say to your legislator when you set up your appointment.

2019 Sample Letter to Legislator

Legislative Day Letter and Registration Form

Here's the letter inviting programs to attend MAAP STARS Legislative Day at our State Capitol. it gives you the details of what's planned for that day. Please let Patti Haasch, MAAP STARS Chair, know by February 20, 2018 if your school/program plans to participate. Her email is:

2019 Legislative Day Letter


2019 Legislative Day Follow-Up

To get an accurate count for reporting to the MAAP Board and the MAAP Legislative Committee, we would like the following information. Please complete the following short survey:

2019 MAAP Legislative Day Follow-Up