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Member Questions

Our members have questions from time to time, and we have tried to obtain answers to those questions. We then try to communicate the answers to those questions to our members. In the past we have used emails, but not everyone has access to the emails. We are now going to try to use emails to collect the answers, and then post the results on the website.


Answers to Member Questions

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    Responses from Graduation Survey

    Recently Fairview Alternative did a survey of the graduation requirements for various alternative schools. Here are the results of that survey:

    Responses from Graduation Survey

    Credits for Graduation Survey

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    Best Practices on Class Size for Alternative Schools

    As a rule, we typically fund ALC classrooms at a 20:1 ratio, as many of our classrooms are not designed for larger class sizes. I believe that this is the price point at which we can balance revenue and expenses as well. Most of the time our Evening HS and S-Term classes are larger (25-30) initially, simply because we always have "no shows" that enroll but never attend. These aren't policies, just present practices.

    The information you seek may depend on what type of program you wish to use. Class size may depend on if you are using "independent" classes with different students each day, a full five day program with the same students each day, part time students, etc. Our independent program works well with about 25 to 30 students each day with different students each day. Each teacher has about 5 to 6 students per block in a block schedule.

    The National Alternative Education Association lays out a recommendation of a 12:1 student to teacher ratio

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    A Few General Questions

    Here are some responses to a few geneal questions on Middle Level Programs, Student-Teacher ratios, and Excessive Absenteeism:

    Some Member Questions

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    Q Comp and Alternative Schools

    Overview: Alternative Programs associated with a Q Comp school district were asked to voluntarily share their building/PLC goals used to help determine incentive pay. Here is the list of responses that were collected:

    Answers to the Q Comp Question

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    Our team is looking for ways of grading CR and IS coursework that do not affect students' GPA's if the coursework is not completed by the end of the term. The PDF file below shows the answers that we got to this question.

    Answers to the Grading Question